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About Us

Ates Software was established in 2003. It is best known for developing the HandyCafe Internet Cafe Software used in over 200 countries and in over 75,000 internet cafes.

In August 2008, the company developed another professional product, HandyCafe Filter software, used in more than 30,000 internet cafes around the world, and officially approved by the Turkish Telecommunications Directorate (TIB).

In July 2010, Ates Software included the Turbo Internet Software, which increases the downloading speed for videos, music or other types of files, into its product line. The Turbo Internet Software is used in 80,000 computers in over 100 countries.

In July 2011, the first version of the Handy Filter Software was launched in Turkish market. The Handy Filter Software is a user-friendly and reliable type of software, developed for use in homes, companies, military and government institutions. It does not require setting up an additional server or require an administrator to be sitting in front of a computer. Through its online administrative panel, it allows users to change settings from anywhere around the world, to see the retrospective internet use-reports and to keep track of their computers.

Network and Internet Programming is our expertise. Since 2003, tens of thousands of businesses, establishments, schools as well as military and official institutions have been using applications developed by Ates Software.

Ates Software is one of the biggest firms established in Turkey, and it conducts exports of its softwares abroad. Softwares developed by our company are updated according to our users’ suggestions and needs.

We are the WiFi Hotspot sponsor of the biggest Digital Events, Conferences & 70.000+ internet cafes, schools, universities and etc. in over 200 countries.

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Ates Software & Internet Technologies
Uphill Towers A1 Bl. K:17 D:101 34758
Atasehir / Istanbul - Turkey

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